+4 ... +8 ... ??

Hi , wondering if someone can eddycate me on what these numbers refer to on plugins (I know they are choices relating to output levels … of my interface?)? For example, the UAD-2 LA-2A and 1176 have a dial with choices like that as an output.


As a general rule, keeping your output levels at or near 0 db is a good idea. However, as long as you are not overloading your main bus, you can push this, should you need a more present volume level from a particular source. The advantage being that you might only have to bump up that one source, rather than doing an entire remix of everything else in your signal chain to compensate for something.

Sorry but that is a ill informed reply.
No you should not aim for your levels to be “at” 0dBfs. Not ever while working.
If you want to push your master that way, be my guest, but never risk distorting precious source material by overloading signals.

That 0db crappolino is some old remains from backin the days with 16bit recordings and bad converters.


Those buttons/knobs on those plugins/physical gear are only for setting the meter scale reference. (+4 or +8 dBm equaling the reading of 0VU on the meter) They do not directly affect output levels unless you are using the meter to set the output level of the device.

Have a read:

Thx, will do.