4 and 8 bars per line

Finishing up a small arrangement I thought I wanted 4 bars per line during the melody and 8 bars for solo section.
First I had the whole piece set to space 4 bars per line and tried to get 8 measures using “Make One System”.

When I selected the first 8 measures of the solo section I wanted to make into one staff line this happened (see attachment). All 64 measures of the chorus snap into a single staff. Must have something to do with the Slashes. I could have made 8 bar segments by inserting system breaks, but really?

So I switched the default to make 8 bar staves, hoping it would break the 64 bar chunk. But, no.

Now I can’t find a way to get rid of that 64 bar chunk. Where did I go wrong and how can I correct it?

I tried deleting the slashes. But no success.

Select the system break at the start of the offending system, open the properties panel, and uncheck the toggle for “Wait for next system break.”

Thanks. I didn’t think of looking there.