4 Ava - music by Desert

a music score for the movie of my 4 year old granddaughter


Nice piece, sounds like it is very well suited for its purpose.

Ava ? sounds like an Iranian name for a girl ,are you from Iran as well?
I make music score for a living and would like to see the video you made this score for as well to give a better opinion but without even seeing it I can say it captures the innocence of a 4 year old perfectly… :slight_smile:

I like the piece!
It sounds like parts were played on hammer dulcimer. Are there live instruments in the piece, or all sequenced?
Great melodies and arrangement. It does sound like a great soundtrack to a document of a 4 year old’s life.

Hello Peter, this is a piece that works wonderfully, even without seeing the movie, as Masoomi and I would both love to see! From a technical standpoint, it seems you’re just getting better and better. The sound of this piece is really soothing, spacious, and realistic. With regards to the composition, it’s very apt to the subject. I am also curious which parts are sequenced and which are live, as That70srocker brought up. Maybe none are live, and you’ve just done a good a job at sequencing and mixing. But it definitely has a live sound.

Thanks for listening guys I am very happy the tune captured the innocence of a 4 year old girl. She is as lovely as this sounds.
The tune has no live recording.i played all vsti. No loops used.
I used in cubase 10:
Keyscape soft piano. Omnisphere mandolin Trilian ac bass and spitfire Labs mandolin ( free!), Tina guo cello in kontakt, bohemian violin , EZ drummer jazz set, wavestate Korg islandic piano.
Mixed in cubase, mastered in Wavelab.
Fx used: Ni Raum, uad reverb.

Wow ,this is really lovely and like the other guys say it does have a very live feel about it ,i`m only listening on headphones but the mix and and sounds you created are very impressive ,very nice piece of music.

Hi Peter, I just came back to listen to it again. It reminded me of the sort of score you hear on Pixar shorts. Don’t know if you’ve ever seen any of them, but they try to fit a lot of empathetic emotional responses into a few minutes, which your music really does. Good one! That’s what soundtracks are supposed to do.

love pixar shorts :smiley:
so It must have changed something in my brain !

Yeah, watch “Piper”. Your track reminds me of that one. It’s a beautiful little film. Also interesting is that the score is from Adrian Belew, one of my favorite guitarists of all time, known mainly for his years with King Crimson!