4-direction mouse wheel and panning

Hi, I’ve noticed it in 10.0, now in 10.5 too. I have 4-directional mouse wheel and everything works fine, except panning. The directions are reversed. What I mean is when I push the wheel to the left, pan goes right. When I push it to the right, pan goes left. A small problem, should be easy to fix, but it can be quite annoying :slight_smile:


I don’t know what mouse do you use, but just with a common mouse, if you use the scroll-wheel on the Panner in the Arranger window Inspector and if you compare Audio vs MIDI Tracks, you will find, that it behaves in other direction.

It behaves the same, in the project window as well as in mix console. Other functions are correct, scrolling through the project, applying fades, left is left, right is right, all works but panning

Btw I use Logitech Marathon mouse


In the Audio track, it depends, if you hover over the number, or the slider.

  • Hover over the number, scrolling up = the value decrease (bug)
  • Hover over the slider, scrolling up = the value increase (same as it is in other controllers)


Well…it doesn’t work like that to me. No matter where the cursor is, still pushing to the left moves it to the right. Tried with both Balance panner and Combined panner. And within project window, mix console, lower zone mix console, or edit window. All behaves the same