4 extra shortcut options in subsection Transport

I would like to have the following shortcuts added in the subcategory Transport:

  • Jump to next marker
  • Jump to previous marker
  • Jump to first marker
  • Jump to last marker

Welcome francweber
guess we all want that :slight_smile: has been promised to us… hopefully it will get implemented soon. Maybe Musicullum has good news for us ?
Rgds P

… at the moment VST Live only has “Marker1” and “Marker2”. Those markers are used to control the Cycle Start and End points. You all need more markers? To identify part of the songs and to locate them? Then VST Live needs a Marker Track first.


Also notice that Parts can also serve as Markers. When a Part has a trigger time set and you select it, the cursor will jump to that position (in stop mode). And you can select Parts with actions, too.

Hi all,
Your comments made clear to me that the marker track that I get in LIVE when I import an export made with cubase is merely a text track and not a marker track. It is of course handy that the marker track is imported as this will show the relevant markers in the lyrics view. I am now awaiting marker tracks too :slight_smile: