4-Hand Pedals

I’m writing something for 4-Hand piano (duet). Is there a way to make it so that pedal markings for either player will affect both players in playback? I cannot find a way to hide pedal markings, and having a single part with 4 staves would cause the barlines to connect and wouldn’t allow me to format the part correctly (Primo on right page, Secondo on left page).

You could simply plug the two MIDI streams to the same virtual instrument.

What LSalgueiro said. You only have one physical instrument, so you only want one VST instrument, not two.

For human performers, pedalling might not be too important in any case. First because with four hands playing, and therefore a wider range of simultaneous notes than with two hands, a lot of pedalling can quickly turn into an over-resonant mess. And second, neither player can reach the pedals easily so precise pedalling is difficult to do in any case. As well as sitting off-center relative to the pedals, you can’t synchronize your own feet accurately with someone else’s hands!