4 input / 4 output A&H Zedi 10fx. How i can setup 4 independent Recording tracks?

I had an Allen&Heath Zedi 10fx. I choose this mixer because it support 4in/4out usb to record 4 tracks
at the same time (for example 2xMic, 1Guitar and 1Bass)
So, after choosing Asio for mixer, i go to setup the 4in and out from mixer in my cubase9 elements. In this window are present all 4in and 4out, but:

Input 1 - Enabled
Input 2 - Enabled
Input 3 - Temporarily disabled
Input 4 - Temporarily disabled

Output1 - Enabled
Output2 - Enabled
Output3 - Temporarily disabled
Output4 - Temporarily disabled

How can i enable the other input and output? Can I really record 4 audio tracks at the same time?
Thanks a lot, Corrado

Yes you can record 4 channels at once with this mixer. Not sure what “window” you are seeing temporarily disabled in but you probably just need to set up VST connections correctly to be able to select the inputs for recording.