4 legible pages —> 3 legible pages

I have a simple SATB choral piece that fits nicely into 4 pages w/2 systems per page. I would like to condense it to 3 pages. I have watched Daniel’s brilliant formatting videos and I’ve altered the rastral size, fiddled with note and vertical spacing, but all I get is various forms of everything smashed together.

What am I missing, and what’s the best workflow to solve this?

Many thanks.

Without seeing the project file, or at least screenshots, it’s difficult to say what needs doing.

couple of things I tend to do in such cases:

  • small page margins
  • change lyrics font (Library → Paragraph Styles) - either change the stretch/size or select a narrower font, e.g. Minion pro cond
  • in Engraving Options decrease values in Spacing gaps and Key Signatures
  • In Library ->Music symbols you can decrease the size of clefs :slight_smile:
  • try inserting system breaks/moving bars to previous/next system - and then even if some staff is shown to be full - like 105 % in Engrave mode - oftentimes you can tweak it a little bit with Note spacing tools so it looks alright

When We Listen-Dorico.pdf (95.0 KB)
Here is a .pdf of the state of the score at the moment.

Reduce the minimum space for hyphens (Engraving Options–Lyrics). That’s a big one.
Remove the staff labels on subsequent systems

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Also reduce the amount of space between lyrics (Engrave mode) if you haven’t already.

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You can also decrease the default note spacing in layout options. It seems the current stretch between notes is unnecessarily generous.

Thank you, everyone, for these excellent suggestions. My tenacious remaining difficulty is that page two now has three systems, each of which is far too spread out to fit properly on the page (the systems are 0.1" apart, but the staves remain 0.6 and 0.8). I can’t seem to find the proper vertical spacing adjustment to make a difference. Thoughts?

Honestly, at some point it’s faster to switch the staff spacing tool. Makes short work of it.

I’ve been trying to avoid that, because Daniel told me not to. But I expect you’re right.

If you want to attach the project itself, or otherwise send it to me, I can take a look.

Thank you Daniel and all. I have learned many new tools and techniques from you, and have wrangled this file into submission. Many thanks!