4-line and other types of staves

I can’t find a way to use 0-line (as it is called in Finale) staff. Is it possible in Dorico 3 Pro?

Piotr / Dorico 3 Pro Win

No, at the moment you cannot create instruments with any number of staff lines other than five or one. I guess you are trying to produce a cut-away or scrapbook score? If so, Dorico doesn’t yet have any features for this, though it is something we are certainly planning to address in future.

You may try creating a 4-line staff in Finale or Sibelius, export as XML, and import in Dorico. I guess Dorico will be able to display it, but you can’t edit it (yet). No doubt, Dorico will support this in a future version.

Thank you for the answers.

I follow developement of Dorico since its beginning (I am buying it from version 1) and now I give a try in series of music examples for a book about Stravinsky. I have few examples (only rhythm, no staff lines). I hope defining own staves will be added in future version of dorico.
Now my workaround - delete staff lines in Acrobat DC Pro…

Once again thank you.

Piotr / Cracow

If you need rhythm examples in running text, you may check out Florian Kretlow’s Metrico font, which was designed for typing complex metronome marks and tempo equations, but probably is also useful for your project. In this thread you’ll find some discussion about it, and even a link to a Dorico file with a 0-line staff.

The Metrico font can be found here.