4 line staff in guitar


I’m currently writing a piece for flute and guitar and want the guitar to play some percussion within the instrument in a fragment of the piece, so I thought of notating that part with a 4 line staff, as there are 4 percussive elements.

However, I do not know how to insert a 4 line staff for a certain amount of bars.
Could someone help me please?

Thank you.

You could add another instrument to that player, and create one that has 4 lines.

Do you know how?

You could also notate it on the same guitar staff as normal, using a note at any chosen pitch, by changing the notehead type (to an x, or triangle, or whatever shape matches the sound), and then changing property of those notes to “suppress playback”. This might or might not get complex with 4 different percussive hits, it depends. It might also allow you to use guitar tab to indicate where the hit is occuring (maybe? if it is on the fretboard). In the Performance Notes for the piece then you would have to explain what each notehead means. (This is how I have done it; for a violin part)

In contrast to the other way, adding another instrument to the same player, sometimes guitarists fret notes (hammer) with one hand (ex. left) while doing percussion with the picking hand (ex. right), i.e. playing simultaneously, so, if you had two instruments under one player, it would not be correct to notate this in the 2 instruments (because a Player can only operate on one Instrument at a time… theoretically).