4 new issues since updating to 8.0.5

These issues are occurring on my Windows 7 machine (see signature) since installing 8.0.5 (from 8.0.0)


  • randomly, Cubase menu items become unresponsive, none of the menus work when you click on them. the program will quit without issue. after restarting, the menus work fine (for a while)

  • I use the mix console and the project window in full screen. sometimes when I open the mix console (with the F3 key) the project window is gone behind it. I’ll open and close the mix console again and it’s back.

  • the dialogs where you type anything in Cubase (file names, saving presets, track names) are no longer working correctly.  when you click on an item what's in there gets highlighted (normal behavior) but if you click in there to set the cursor to type or delete, it becomes as if you hadn't clicked in there at all (no way to type) click again and the dialog is highlighted again.  So the only way to type in there (without erasing what's in there) is to click in there and highlight the whole thing then use the cursor keys to move the cursor (unhighlighting the whole name).  (often times I want to keep the whole file name and just change one number in the date).
  • may be a coincidence but last night when I clicked export on the dialog box to export (mixdown) a project, the computer hard crashed and restarted itself.  the BIOS reported something about a spike in the power supply.   this happened twice in a row.  then I changed the buffer setting (from 128) on the Presonus driver to a higher number and it mixed down just fine.  I believe that the only thing that changed on my system was updating Cubase from 8.0.0 to 8.0.5.

if anyone can verify, please post here. thank you!

I can verify that trouble with renaming and cursor. It hope they’ll fix it soon, not after 10 years.

Hello, I had the first issue even in version 8.0.0 and can confirm the third one in version 8.0.5.

Yes, I am having the same problem with editing the names on tracks, I can click and highlight the track name but have to re type the entire full name as it is not possible to use the backspace.

I can click and highlight the track name but have to re type the entire full name as it is not possible to use the backspace

Use arrow keys.

This is a confirmed by Steinberg bug already so hopefully will be fixed in next update.

If you highlight the name, then use right arrow key to go to end of name, then backspace or spacebar…

Hope this helps…

Annoyingly simple oversight by the programming dept and a step backwards
but incredibly annoying

Does anyone try this stuff out before they release it?