4 new Patch scripts made with scriptmaker

1- MOOG Voyager with 3.5 O.S. the new OS 3.5 bank in the last USER slot
2- Roland V-Synth OS 2.02 All 512 factory patches in 4 banks
3- Roland GAIA preset bank, user bank with Vengeance kit names, USB bank and PCM sounds
4- MOOG Slim Phatty OS 3.03 Factory patches

VSYNTH-XT.txt (17.6 KB)
Slim_Phatty_303.txt (3.22 KB)
GAIA_V1-3.txt (6.71 KB)

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attachment for Voyager
MOOG Voyager V35.txt (28.9 KB)

Seems no one is using outboard anymore? or not aware of the midi device manager in Cubase, Have I really become such a dinosaur? :slight_smile:

Hi, and thank for the patchscripts (even if I don"t have these…) !

Will certainly be useful, even if it doesn’t show presently. And yes, there are still some who use outboard gear and there even will be more in the future, I guess, tired of the constraints of computers setups : messy authorizations, OS optimizations and incompatibilities, Faulty drivers, uncorrected bugs piling up, nearly mandatory upgrades, vanishing plug-ins publishers and so on…

So keep the good work ! :wink:

Great! Would love to see a virus c script

I don’t even know what patch scripts do, they let you select presets through midi? How does that work in Cubase?

Looks interesting, might make something like that for my Blofeld.

You put these in your userfolder “patch scripts” and then u can load them via the midi device manager and link them to external instruments. You then can select the patches via the inspector

I’d love a link to a tutorial on using scriptmaker! … or to scripts for my E-Mu Command Station, Radias-R and ASR-X Pro.


Great to see someone besides me is still using this feature. Although I haven’t got many ‘modern’ retro synths (sold out to softsynths mostly!), I have XML script versions (originally patch scripts, since imported and then exported from Cubase as XML, so simply import the XML instead) for the following instruments:

Juno 106
Korg M1
Korg O1W
Korg Triton Extreme
Roland Fantom X
Roland JV2080
Korg M3R
Roland MVS-1 Vintage Synth Module
Roland D50
Alesis D4
Yamaha TG77
Emu Classic Keys
Roland P330

Still mourning the Studio Module of VST5, from which most of these came originally :frowning:


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I am looking for a patch script for the following synths:

  • Korg R3
  • Waldorf Pulse (Plus)
  • Nord Micro Modular

If anyone has one of these… :slight_smile:

using the SP script.
Thanks Raphie!


I’m using them and I love them!

But with dinosaurs: M1R EX, 2 JD990s, XV5080 and so forth.

But thanks for keeping them alive!


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if you need a patchname (txt) for Roland Fantom FA-76

Bedankt Raphie !

Grtz. Karstieman

This one? ftp://ftp.steinberg.net/Download/Legacy_Additional_Content/Device%20Maps/Access%20Virus%20C.xml

Hello, newbie here!

I recently purchased a Roland P-330 digital piano rack unit on Ebay to be used to beef up my electric piano sound (eg. assign to same MIDI channel as my Kontakt Scarbee Rhodes MK ll software instrument and blend to taste). I’ve been searching for a patch script for it, and came across this post. Gargoylestudio mentions having one, but as I’m a newbie, I’m not permitted to contact members directly. I hope you can help.

I eventually hope to setup my P-330 as an External Instrument under VST Connections in Cubase 6.5 (Windows 8.1, 64-bit). The Roland P-330 is not listed as a device under MIDI Device Manager. If any one has a patch script, or can point me to where I can download one, I’d be much obliged. A previous suggestion was to write a patch script with ScriptMaker download. However, I found this to be just too complicated. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing from those of you who also own, and currently still use one.

I have a Roland RD-700GX and I seem to remember getting a map for this from RolandUS. You need a login. I think I found out about it from a UK Roland support tech so they might be a good place to start. They have access to more than us mere mortals. Good luck.

Just found this bookmark, which may be it: http://backstage.rolandus.com/index.php


I’ve attached here the exported XML file of all my MIDI devices. Uncompress first, then when you import this in the MIDI Devices window then you can select which instrument to load.

Its been a long while since I used these and I did notice that they’re not all set up fully. Some of them don’t have the real patch names typed in, but if you’re up for it then you can always type them in yourself very easily.

Hope these are of use, best of luck,

Cubase_MIDI_Devices_Export_20160203.zip (973 KB)

Many thanks for your helpful responses!

Thanks GargoyleStudio - your XML MIDI Devices file worked! Thanks! I’ve now managed to set the P330 up as an external instrument (now showing up as a VST instrument), however, I’m head-scratching regarding MIDI cable connections.
Before purchasing the P330, my only MIDI connection was MIDI out from my Yamaha pf85 electronic piano (keyboard controller, Local Control set to OFF) to the MIDI in on my E-MU 0404 USB interface. All sound sources were software. The P330 stereo outputs are connected to the two mono inputs of my audio interface.

The P330 seller has admitted he never used it with a sequencer. Can you suggest the correct MIDI cable connections? I want my keyboard controller to still be able to transmit MIDI performance data to my soft synths AND the P330. It’s not currently doing this since connecting the P330. I’ve set the MIDI transmit channel to 2 and set the OMNI to OFF. Is this correct? Thanks in advance!