4 new Patch scripts made with scriptmaker


Strange, as well as a P330 I also used to have a PF85 piano - one of the best pianos I’ve had! I sold it because one of the keys broke and I didn’t have time to fix it.

Anyway, back to MIDI. What you could to do is connect the OUT of the PF85 into the IN of the EMU card. Then the OUT of the EMU to the IN of the PF85, then the THRU of the PF85 into the IN of the P330. That should do for playing both those instruments via Cubase. You may want to put them on different MIDI channels so they can be played separately.

For the audio, you could also try connecting the P330 to the input on the PF85, then the two PF85 outputs into Cubase… You’d be able to hear both then.


Hi GargoyleStudio.

Great to hear that you also once owned the Yamaha pf85 - it’s a sturdy beast with excellent weighted action.

Thanks for the MIDI connection tips - I’ll try them this weekend and let you know how it went. I’ve been playing my favourite P330 electric piano patches and having a lot of fun - who would have thought that cheesy could sound so good! Jamming along to Whitney Houston ballads to Steely Dan. I’m really looking forward to hearing how these patches will blend with my NI Kontakt Scarbee MARK I Rhodes sample instrument.

Do you have any links to your music where I can hear examples of how you’ve used the P330?

Thanks once again for your kind assistance.


Yeah, the PF85 was sturdy, I even had 2 at one point!! Replaced a couple of years back with the Yamaha P35 which is the cheapest they make. Sounds OK, reasonable piano action, but really I only use it for live Mainstage control. Its very light though which is just great!

TBH I can’t really remember what I used the P330 on its so long ago. Probably for adding bulk to big loud sections, or the odd Rhodes type quiet ambient verse. I don’t play covers so I’m not really doing the funky stuff - I write mostly rock, folk or ambient music. Nowadays I use LoungeLizard for Rhodes and for ‘real’ piano sounds I’ve got a nice (expensive) Roland digital piano in the studio.


Desperately trying to get the GAIA patch name script for Cubase but the post says .txt extensions have been removed and so I can’t access the file. Any one have a copy of it to hand?

Hi Raphie!

Do you still have the script for Moog Voyager 3.5? If so could you please post it again or send it to me?
This would really be helpful!
I have done xml for Lexicon PCM 96 and TC reverb 4000 if you need them.


Hopefully this thread is not dead. I am looking for Device / Patch script xml for Korg Radias that was mentioned in this posting, if anyone has it please PM or reply here. Thanks. >> https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?t=17324

(Also might be a good idea for forum moderators to have a pinned thread with all collected scripts, or maybe a db online somewhere if not built into the software itself via update.)

There’s no db or dedicated thread as such, but I will move this to the Cubase 9 forums.

I used to use the pre-fab D50 wayyyy back in the 90s. Recently dusted off the D50 and am hoping you would be so kind as to share your XML convert of it somewhere. Please?

Hi Gerard,

TBH I’ve completely forgotten how all this works!! But, after hunting around I’ve found the Zipped XML file that I uploaded earlier in the thread. That previous link doesn’t work anymore, so here the file again and hopefully it’ll stick around this time.

Cubase_MIDI_Devices_Export_20160203.zip (973.5 KB)

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Does anyone happen to have a patch script for the microkorg?