4 Point Editing is a Hoax?

Hi to all.

How the 4-Point Editing works?
You select Points Left and Right in your timeline (sequence) with Selection A
You select the Left and Right Points in your clip with Selection B. You Copy that.
You switch to Selection A, then Paste.
If the lengths of Sequence and Clip portions mismatch (and they often do!), the program stretches or squeezes the Selection B stuff (copied) accordingly, Left Point to Left Point and Right Point to Right Point. It’s called Fill The Gap.

In Nuendo, the copied data is simply pasted unaffected time-wise, its Left Point being aligned to the Left Point of the Sequence and Right Point being too short or overlapping the Sequence’s Right Point. The copied data does not fill the gap as it is supposed in 4-Point Editing. It’s merely the 3-Point Editing.

Or am I missing something?

Thank you.

4-Point Editing is here:

I had Sonic Solutions in the 1990s and it had 4 point editing - time stretching/squeezing was never an assumed part of that.

4 point editing isn’t a hoax, it just isn’t usually the fastest way to work.


The “paste to fill” function is one of the nicest editing features of Pro Tools, unfortunately not present in Nuendo.