4-point editing/Source-Destination Editing

This editing technique is still used in Classical Music as it’s way faster if you have several long takes.

The basic features are already there! The fade editor is just fine for that purpose.
It’s also already possible to split the arrange-window to have two independent timelines.
The only thing left is a function to copy between them with one button.

It’s would be possible to create a macro, but as far as i know there is no key command to switch between the two arrange windows…

Benefit for Steinberg: There is no other DAW on mac that is capable of doing 4 point editing

Hmm. That actually is something I might find very useful.
+1 from me.


I KNOW it’s not the same, I KNOW it’s a mediocre workaround. But, wanted to make sure you’re aware of “shuffle mode” for editing. It’s how I get around not having 4-point editing. I KNOW it’s not the same :slight_smile:.


never thought of that… I might try this sometimes. Still very slow with 10hours of source material :wink:

+1 on that one! Would be a huge help editing classical music!

+1 I would find it very usefull.