4 Studio Sends Limitation (Poll)

Would you like more than 4 Studio Sends in Cubase?

  • Yes
  • No

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I can’t believe you updated to Cubase 6 and still we have only 4 Studio Sends. I was hoping (for the last 2 years), that you would at least bring out an Update adding at least 2 more studio sends if you’re not capable of making them dependent of the hardware (just like regular input and output busses). But no, you never released an update, even though there were over 60 positive responses to the initial thread in the old forum from Nov 6 2008! http://forum.cubase.net/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=110671

and as a last resort, I was hoping you would FINALLY add at least 2 more studio sends in Cubase 6 and it turns out you haven’t even touched them.

i’m a bit frustrated and angry. get your stuff together so we can make decent in-ear live recordings with at least 5 musicians!

wütend aber zuversichtlich…


Can you make this topic into a poll?

Is now a Poll.

I know for sure, that at least two more would get a lot of use at my friends studio… :wink:

This is my last effort on this topic. If steinberg can give me a reasonable alternative to recording 5 musicians live with independent click levels and listenable headphone mixes (as the control provides) then I will settle for this. I tried with regular Sends but you can’t control the click level on regular sends. Plus you run out of sends quite quickly if you already need to use 5 sends just for headphone mixes.

I need an answer: Will this be implemented in the near future or not? Otherwise i’ll need to find an alternative solution.

Id rather have more inserts :neutral_face:… although im all for more sends too!

having to share a headphone mix has been known to end in fisticuffs I kid you not. So, for the sake of minimising violent behaviour in the studio, please add more Studio Sends

bump… 5 years later and still only 4 mixes. why can’t you just finally add 2 more?

haven´t found any…?

Groups have Studio Sends.

A workaround perhaps?

Create a midi/instrument track for click…then you can use the 8 sends as headphone outs.

You can create as many outputs as your soundcard can support and route mixes to these outputs using sends.
I normally use lots of groups containing things like drums, perc, bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, vocals, cat screeching etc etc.
I then group all these into one last group called mix.
I send the mix out to everyone as a starting point, and then normally tweak from there by adding to the generic mix more of whatever the individual musician wants to hear.
Because I’ve done all my internal routing,sending fx etc before i buss out to my groups, i have all 8 available sends for headphones on those rare occasions i need them.

I must say that generally 4 studio sends works fine for me though. Its a convenient, built in solution nine times out of ten.