4 to 6 update dual install

ok i have cubase 4
i want to upgrade to 6
what i want is to install cubase 6 on one partition of my pc containing win 7 and then install cubase 4 on another partition containing win xp
will my license key let me do this ??

the reason i need to do this is i want to be able to use cubase 6, but my audio recording hardwear will not work on win 7 due to no driver updates ect therefor i need to be able to run cubase on win xp and therefor have to run cubase 4 to record audio !!!


No problems at all!


If you can’t install your interface drivers on W7 what use is having Cubase 6 going to be?

Just install C6 alongside C4 on XP…you might need to search the forum for tips on what you need to get it running but it does work…It just isn’t officially supported.

will a c4 project open with c6 ??

Most likely but if you use a lot of older plugs then some might not be as stable as in C4.
The other way around is not recommended though, have only tried with C6 to C5. It opens the projects but complains about corrupt or unknown data, probably due to elastique, the new comping function and other new features.


the reason for C6 64 bit is, i need to be able to use more RAM in some projects

ok cool i glad they open

old plugins will not be a problen as the C4 projects i want to open with C6 will be nothing more than multi track audio recordings

whilst i’m here
how will my Grand 2 hook up with 64bit C6 ?