4 to 6 upgrade lost licence ....

i have a dual boot pc win 7 64 bit and win xp 32 bit
i had cubase 4 then upgraded to 6
now with cubase 4 on the xp partition and cubase 6 on the win 7 partition
cubase 6 works fine but cubase 4 on the xp partition is showing no licence
is this the way it ment to be ???



oh ps i need cubase 4 on xp because my 2 makie onyx mixers will not work on win 7

Probably the first step is to make sure that you have the latest e-licesnser running on your XP partition:


i will try that now i just done a fresh install of cubase 4 from the disc
i hope it is something like that
but i looked at my licence online and i only show 2 licences
1 for cubase 6 and 1 for grand 2
nothing for cubase 4

oh i am using the syncrosoft licence key

now i cant remember , should i have 2 keys or something

I don’t think that matters.

Your Cubase 4 license became your Cubase 6 license.

However, your Cubase 6 license should allow you to use earlier versions.

ok that worked thanks ,

Perfect! :smiley: