4 tracks and the sound cracks


I’m very disappointed, it’s quite a good DAW, But …
I have a lot of crack in the sound …:confused:
1 nave + 1 iSem + 1 iProphet + 1 beathawk
And there is so many creak in the result that it is not usable, meaning 4 tracks is the maximum i can have. :frowning:
It is the same if i freeze 3 tracks. It is very frustrating.

I use an iPad Air2, that i have bought for that purpose.

Did i miss something ? Is there something that i can do ?


Hi Nimpo,

Be assured that Cubasis has been designed for efficient CPU use and will provide great results with your device in use.

Depending on the number of apps running simultaneously the CPU of the iPad can/will be heavily stressed obviously.
Freezing the tracks will solve the issue if you make sure to close/unload the other apps manually.