4 tracks I made with Cubase 5

Maybe the mods can delete this thread? I need to upload these to a faster site and post again.


yes it works fine ,although opening musiczips is a pain when you have to wait for it to download. i only listened to the first two tracks Pulse is vey good i like the motif and the sounds you use are good .Awakening lands was a bit slower building i like the reverse fx and was quite interesting the build at the end was very good,all round good sounds and well recorded , i will have a listen to the other two tracks cause the first two were good , well done.


Yeah, musiczips is crap so I am gonan remove the link and whack em up on soundcloud or something.

Thanks for listening!

why don`t you just paste in your new link(soundcloud or whatever) to your original post before you take the musiczip link down.