4 x FD set-up Cubase

has any of you any tips on how to synchronize/set up the mixer layout in Cubase the same way as the 4 FD Controllers that I have in front of me?

just put the FD in the right order by plug in it one by one .

I tried that once, but I got mixed up again when I restarted my computer later.

If the FDs are not in sequence upon reboot, then you need to put the HW devices themselves in the right order. This should only be necessary once as the sequence should not change thereafter - unless you’re in the habit of disconnecting them - changing their connection sequence on a hub or even changing the port to which a hub is usually connected could cause a change in the sequence.
Changing the sequence is also possible in Cubase Device manager, but can be more confusing and even “messy”. Changing their physical positions is by far the easiest way.

Hi, I got it functioning now. Thanks for the help.