4 years old bug? Moving notes with multiple selection

I just read that Cubase has 20 years old bug. So probably we shouldn’t worry about this little inconvenience.
But, if you feel comfortable, please fix this:
Bug? Moving notes with multiple selection - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

Todays trying:

  1. Select two distant notes.

  2. With Ctrl+Alt+Left I move them to the left. Notes in bar 2 disappear.

→ I hit Undo before every next try.

  1. With Ctrl+Alt+Right I move them to the right. Notes in bar 2 disappear.

Tried also Insert mode.

  1. With Ctrl+Alt+Left (Insert Mode) the notes from bar 2 appeared in bar 5 beat 4 and continues in bar 6.

  2. With Ctrl+Alt+Right (Insert Mode) the result is more stranger - the content from bar 2 goes to bar 5 beat 4 and continues in bar 6, but selected notes moved to the right and because of grid set to 8th note, the half of first note in bar 4 goes to bar 1 beat 4. It’s almost okay, but why the content of bar 2 is copied to bar 5 beat 4?

Now it seems that this kind of move is very hard to manage, therefore programmers just move content between two selected notes to the first free bar after selection? And what will happen if 10 notes selected with 9 contents between them? I’m afraid to even try it :slight_smile:

So without insert mode notes from bar 2 disappear at all.

Turn on Chord mode (hit Q) and you’ll find that these things work correctly.

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Thank you very much!
Could you please answer the same to that 4 years old post? They are still waiting :slight_smile:

No they’re not.


Oops! Okay. I didn’t see this marked as solution.