40% Discount on Nuendo 8

Dear Nuendo users,

if you’ve been considering the idea of finally updating to Nuendo 8, now is your chance to do it!

From today until May 31, we are offering a 40% discount on the Nuendo 8 full version, all updates and crossgrades.
And on top of that, the newly released Nuendo 8.2 maintenance update just introduced a bunch of new features, including all the Cubase Pro 9.5 features as well as a new Ambisonics bus system to allow for audio-authoring of 360° VR videos.

For more information about the current Nuendo 8 offer please visit this page.

For more information about the Nuendo 8.2 new features, please visit this other page.

All the best,

Sweet. I shall look in my wallet…

HI! (If you have a coupon, please enter your code here:) where to get a discount coupon to upgrade from 7 Nuendo to 8

Just follow the link Vadym.

ok! but price is normaly 249euro


When I clicked on the link it gave me the coupon code which you then input in the cart. You have to redeem the code to see the discount price. If you just add the product to the cart without the code you don’t see the discount.

I can’t seem to get a boxed version of the update from 6.5 online…how do I get one?

no! code page did not give, like you! that now where to take the code?


Click on the first link. It says:

This is how you get your copy of Nuendo 8 at a reduced price
To take advantage of this time-limited offer, select your product below and > enter the following coupon in the shopping cart (please note that the reduced price will only show during your checkout and after you have entered the coupon code in the shopping cart):


I can’t find any discount coupon, either.(Nuendo 7->8)
and the price is still 249 Euro.


Like the post above yours and the promo page says, the coupon is NUENDO2018

Maybe you need to tweet things instead… To many word-things on the page…

Really considering this, to go from 7 to 8.

What’s holding me back is being tired of Mac (5.1) / NU being significantly less efficiant than PC. (not to flame a mac/pc thing).

Nuendo 8.2 has noticeably better graphics performance and responsiveness on Mac compared to previous versions.

Thanks for sharing that. It’s helpful.
Would you happen to know if there’s a Mac OS that is possibly “most solid or, reliable” with NU8 ?

I’m on 10.9 so I need to sort OS out if I’m going to go to 8.

10.12 Sierra and 10.13 High Sierra should both work very well.

Generally speaking, when using the latest versions of Nuendo and Cubase, using either the latest version of Mac OS X or the previous version will give you good results.

Thanks again.
Was considering going to 10.10 for other cumalative software reasons but, will have to consider this if 10.10 might not be as optimal for NU8.