40% Discount on Nuendo 8

Dear Cubase users,

if you’ve ever considered getting Nuendo 8, but were hesitant because of its price, now is your chance to do it!

From today until May 31, you can get a 40% discount on the crossgrade from Cubase to Nuendo 8.
And in case you didn’t know, the newly released Nuendo 8.2 maintenance update just introduced all the Cubase Pro 9.5 features, for free.

For more information about the current Nuendo 8 offer please visit this page.

For more information about Nuendo 8 please visit the Nuendo product page.

Please note that only Cubase Pro licenses (from Cubase 4 onwards) are eligible for the crossgrade. Also, the Nuendo license will replace the existing Cubase license, which means that Cubase won’t be able to start anymore after the activation.

All the best,

omg. i advised a colleague to update the day before…

What additional components exist in Nuendo (that are NOT in Cubase 9.5 Pro) ?
Is there a product comparison web page from Steinberg that lists and compares the features ?

Would have seriously considered cross grading but, seeing as Steinberg and thier staff have consistently ignored and avoided any questions and requests for information on upgrades and fixes to the Eucon protocol and integration into thier DAW’s in these forums there is no point. It’s cheaper and easier to go with Protools than to get rid of perfectly good (and costly) multiple Avid controller rigs that many on these forums own

Another lack of foresight and judgement from Steinberg who, unlike Avid or Presonus offer no integrated alternative in cost effective daw control to the majority of thier user base.

Maybe I could ask once more - Steinberg, are you planning to support and enhance the Eucon protocol and integration into your DAW’s? An answer would be really appreciated!

They have till the end of May to convince avid controller owners to cross grade!

Can Steinberg provide an up to date comparison chart? I see the ones from 2016. As a Cubase Pro 9.5 owner, I’d really like to know exactly what Nuendo offers that Cubase doesn’t (aside from the obvious things that are listed on that 2016 post), and more importantly what Cubase offers that Nuendo doesn’t.

I can’t tell from some of the Nuendo wording, but for example-I’m curious if the batch export features of Nuendo are different than Cubase?

I thought it was just me, but it seems that is little or no transparency at least in the way of product comparison matrix of Cubase compared to Nuendo.
Steinberg WHERE IS the URL page that shows us the differences ?

I did spend some time last night with a tab open with the cubase manual and the nuendo manual. That answered my questions about the automation. As far as I can tell, the exporting is the same for both programs. I will say that I actually really like how the online manuals are done. I found it to be pretty efficient to compare both programs that way, so maybe give that a shot.

thanks for doing that …

I’ts still an OPEN question to Steinberg as far as I’m concerned. They provide little to no information on their website with regard to product comparison between C9.5 pro and Nuendo 8.2 … but they are somehow OK and willing to push a promotion on ‘it’.
but… (q) what is ‘it’? … what are the exact official differences according to SB between the two ?

Can you open a Cubase project in Nuendo? Can you open a Nuendo project in Cubase?

Just realised how expensive it is even with 40% off! Had a look at the features and I don’t really need it as I use for Music only.

I have both on different computers and all projects open on both machines with no problems. to be honest tho i was thinking of selling nuendo for another copy of cubase…makes sense if its used only for recording

This seems to be Yamaha/Steinbergs strategy, rather than fixing or offering real support and tested working, meaningful updates…

I remember back in 2005 I switched to Cubase because it had vocals pitch correction tool, that Nuendo didn’t have. I wonder if Nuendo have it now.
I can say for sure Nuendo has Automatic Audio Alignment, which kinda cool thing for recording double-tracks.
Sound Randomizer, Cubase doesn’t have it.

Honestly Nuendo and Cubase are sooo advanced. And it’s funny when mastering suite like iZotope costs the same as DAW.

I was a fairly early adopter of Nuendo, coming from Sonar. The version I had was 2.something, which was $800 at the time. They were trying to get traction in the post market and I suppose weren’t being taken seriously because of a) Cubase stigma and b) too cheap. So, 2.something.1 came out with roughly three bug fixes and zero new features except for the price, which was now $2400.

Believe it or not, that was a valid strategy. I used to run a sales consulting company back in the day, and I often counseled clients to raise their prices. Right or wrong, perception of quality is absolutely tied to price. People really do think, “If it’s cheap, how good can it be?” The very next month, all the magazines were running features on this great new post software called Nuendo.

At that point I took a step back to evaluate my needs. One of the long running complaints at the time on the Nuendo forums was that Cubase would come out with cool new audio features and six months (or never) later, the expensive flagship Nuendo still didn’t have them. I’m not a video post shop, I’m a musician, so I took a closer look at Cubase.

Honestly, the difference in features between the two at the time was minimal and mostly related to things like Nuendo playing nice with EDL, etc. From a recording / mixing perspective, there was nothing Nuendo did that Cubase didn’t do as well, or better. So, I switched to Cubase. I’ve been through Pro Tools, Cakewalk / Sonar, Logic, yada, yada. Have been very happy with Cubase, and gave up nothing by leaving Nuendo (except for a very expensive price tag).

In fairness, that was Nuendo 2 and they’re now at 8. Back then, there was hardly any difference between the two, and what differences there were, Cubase usally won. At least for music production.

Steinberg wisely knew it was an uphill battle to try to compete with Pro Tools in the professional studio industry as it’s an entrenched standard. So, they’ve targeted post. If that’s the world you work in, there may be differences that are worth the additional expense. If you’re focused solely on recording and mixing music, I’d be surprised if Nuendo brought anything to the party that you don’t already have.

That said, I would dearly love to have the Nuage consoles in my world. Cool and sexy tech, but of course wicked expensive. And thus, an MCU it is.

IMHO, Nuendo has the number one feature that Cubase lacks if you are spotting to picture.

When dragging an audio event it is essential that the video timeline moves in accordance with the start of the event you are moving around

Nuendo has this feature in the Transport menu (Video Follows Edit).

Cubase doesn’t. Very frustrating.

How long before Steinberg introduce the long promised ‘Video render export between markers’ but only for Nuendo users?


And that’s the differentiating factor. If you do film / video work and Nuendo has features you need that aren’t included in Cubase, it may be the right choice. Since they’re marketing Nuendo to the post world, I’m not surprised at the lack of attention for video features in Cubase since they’re essentially competing against themselves.

Nuendo costs three times as much as Cubase Pro. Consequently, I would expect 300% of the functionality. At the time I left Nuendo, it was more like 103%. I’m sure that’s increased by now, but the lack of a Nuendo / Cubase comparison chart gives me the impression that it’s not in their best interest to show you exactly how much difference there is for the 300% price. My guess is that it’s closer to 125% functionality and the high price is still just a marketing technique in order to be taken seriously by the post world.

From what I can tell, if you want to efficiently do 5.1, 7.1, etc, mixing then you need Nuendo. If you want that game audio engine integration, you need Nuendo. If you need to have multiple video tracks, if you need to be able to select and export individual clips all at once, then you need Nuendo. If you don’t need those things, then you don’t.

I also think it’s kind of strange that they give us Cubase users the new features first and then Nuendo. I’d actually consider a move to Nuendo if I knew that we got features first there, but that’s just me and there are a couple features that I like in Nuendo. But for me, it’s not an essential move.

Couldn’t have said it better myself! I have begged for these features on this forums already!! I like the features Nuendo 8.2 offers. Some of them are really handy for the type of post work that I do, but it really is completely mind-boggling why they can’t fix the Eucon protocol integration. To me it doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. It’s just few tweaks like:

  • on Avid Artist Mix, make it so that the hidden tracks in MixConsole actually get hidden on the console
  • on Avid Artist Transport, make it so that trimming follows the snap setting and not completely ignore it, making fine-trimming impossible

Just these 2 things would make an incredible difference.

And if Steinberg can’t/won’t fix these issues, why don’t they just introduce similar line of products to the Avid Artist series with deeper integration into Cubase/Nuendo ???

I really don’t get Steinberg sometimes… :angry:

Have I missed this offer?

It’s May 31st but looking on the site the upgrade from cubase is still €1299 - I’m sure it used to be less than that!

It’s still on:


just redeem you NUENDO2018 coupon and the checkout will calculate the discount.