40% off sale

Wil there more than likely be some promotional sale for cubase pro 11?


probably next year around april-may



Would this 40% off sale also apply to the current upgrade price?

It’s already quite a deal for users with older version like myself, who don’t necessarily need to upgrade right away (I.e., I don’t run a professional studio). An additional 40% off would be irresistible!

its all assumptions of future sale,if its at what time in the year,how much of discount and on what cubase products.
but from the past they had all kind of sales, only discount for new license + upgrade(no updates)
then users did some noise and they also added discounts for updates (cubase10 pro to 10.5pro for example)

Hope not so quickly, as I paid the full price :frowning:
Or give me a cash-back :slight_smile:

Black Friday or Cyber Monday. :slight_smile:

If Steinberg are to follow same procedure as last year and every year before that, there will be a month with 40% off for Updates and a month with 40% off for Upgrades somewhere in between April-August.