40% off Wavelab 9 Pro


While I agree with you and are in the same boat as you (Loyal upgrader for years) - we always do something like this - which is jump on a new upgrade 1 nanosecond after it’s released - pay the 99 bucks or whatsever and enjoy.

However - to ensure we are not totally hypocritical here - we either buy it like above OR wait until one of these deals come around and take advantage of it and enjoy.

Just because we choose to be “loyal” or “first” should not have any bearing or entitlement to get some additional price cut when the mood strikes Steiny to put something on sale.

Steiny is clearly try to drum up business here and get some holdouts to move it along. I have had v9x for a year or whatever it is - I am not bothered by this upgrade special.

I AM annoyed that WL 9 Watch Folders do not give me notification in Windows 10 - but that’s another gripe for another day.

My two cents :slight_smile:


I have seen cross grade offers for WL and I have no need for Nuendo, so I could care less, but I have used WL for a very long time, something like 20+ years. If I buy software plugins from FAB or other software plugin suppliers the more I buy the cheaper the next one is.

Why are all of you hopping the Steinberg bandwagon and making it seem like this is a “good thing”. Good for Steinberg YES, good for long time users NO.

Just how long have you been a WL user??? Inquiring minds want to know…

I am no software marketing guru but I understand that mastering DAWs don’t sell many copies because … well, not many people buy them. It’s critically important to expand the user base of boutique, specialized DAWs (as the previous owner of programs like SADiE found out). If a discount achieves this great. It will benefit all users in the medium term.

Turn it round - in what way is this bad for you? Your position is exactly the same as if they had not offered new purchasers a deal. If they had not, would you be complaining that you were not being refunded for your greater use of the software?

Thinking of that, what about the many months of use of WaveLab 9 you’ve had before this offer appeared - perhaps the amount you want refunded would be the equivalent of renting the software for that period (or even not enough to cover that, if you look at Adobe’s rates for using their software). Be careful what you wish for!


Again not saying it is BAD for me but maybe all you “lets jump on the Steinway bandwagon because they are right in doing this” people are flush with money. I am not. I love WL and will continue to use it until something better comes along even if I have to pay “full price” for the upgrades. I just think that once in a while it would be nice for Steinberg/Yamaha to somehow recognize the long term users of WL with something extra. Like maybe a discount on the next upgrade. Just sayin…

Upgrade prices are a discount (more than this 40%, too - just sayin’).


That’s what I was saying earlier too. If something I like and already own happens to go on sale, that’s when you tell a friend or buy another one for yourself if needed.

I don’t go demanding that since I bought something at normal price that I’m entitled to something more from the store/manufacturer. It’s just not how it works.

I know of at least 5 people that purchased WaveLab 9 full, or upgraded from an earlier version during this promotional sale. I think the more WaveLab users the better, and might give Steinberg/Yamaha reason to put more resources into it.

I know it’s irrelevant but I must say I am disappointed I missed out on the opportunity to upgrade.
If they’d run it for 6 days I would’ve been able to buy it.
I’d like to say “I hope next time they consider running a discount for longer than 4 days” but there’s no point because they won’t.

I was happily going to upgrade a second license for my laptop… I then realized it was March 21 st. -_-
I hope Steinberg extends the promotion a few days . . .

You can choose between different payment options in the online shop. One is to pay after 14 days (invoice). That´s what I did. Maybe it is different from country to country, but it might be something to look up for next time.

Well, I tried to get the update on the 20th and my order wouldn’t go through due to some ‘enhanced verification’ with AskNet. Can’t find -anyone- @ SB to complete the order.

TERRIBLE customer service.



In a world where clients think paying 99 cents for mastering is “fair” I understand your concern. Rather than telling you you’re high, consider this. I bought Sequoia for $3500 year 1 and paid about $700 for the maintenance program every year. By year two I had spent $4200. How long will it take you to spend that with a $500 initial investment and upgrades of $99. (answer 38 years or so?)

Although the two software packages are not 100% bit-for-bit the same, they certainly are competitors.

So my point is this: even without 40% discount, you’re financially CRUSHING people who went with Pyramix, SADiE, or Sequoia, and I don’t think the WaveLab Software is in any way “lesser” or unworthy of mastering use. And if they can increase their user base by selling the program for $1, part of me is ok with that provided it adds to the financial stability of the product.

Not sure of your point. I too have a lot of other DAW software and plugins that I paid a lot of money for. If I want to up grade them then I have to pay for the upgrades. My point was why doesn’t Steinberg once in a while give the long time users of WL (I have been a WL user since version 1.6) a break on upgrades. I owned Sonic Software that was very expensive to purchase and I had to keep paying for SonicCare which was also expensive and I finally said the heck with it and sold the whole system to a local school of music who had 6 other Sonic setups.

If you want to use other software then I guess you will have to pay the going rate. I love Wavelab for mastering and think it is the best program ever for doing it. I just sometimes think that Steinberg should give some “breaks” to long time users. I think you missed my point. FWIW