40" TV instead of (2) 24" Computer Monitors

Hey Gang,
Anyone know how to (or if you can) make a 40" TV take the place of (2) 24" computer monitors. I’ve tried adjusting Ratio, Font Size, ect. But it only shows what (1) computer monitor would show, just bigger. Is it even possible to take what you see on two smaller computer screens, and put it on one big TV screen? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks, mike.

The issue is normally one of resolution; most TVs have the same resolution (in terms of number of pixels) as a recent widescreen computer monitor (1920x1080 or similar), so they won’t display any more info.

For that reason, you normally won’t be able to replace 2x24" with a single TV screen, as you’re really only getting the same number of pixels as one of them. Unless you get a 4K tv (with twice the resolution in each direction as a standard HD tv, and 4x the number of pixels in total) then I think you’ll be in the same boat.

Thanks-a-bunch DJayChela,

Just what I wanted to know.


But I think you would also need a graphics card that would output to 3840 × 2160 pix. I’m not sure you can get these. Would be nice though. Imagine with 3D and touchscreen, your own vertual studio.

You can get them, and they’re getting more common. In a year they’ll be everywhere.

The main problem at the moment is that TV makers rarely include DisplayPort 1.2 and video cards don’t support HDMI2, so 50/60 Hz refresh rates are rarely available when using TVs as monitors.

As for touchscreen, it is an expensive option for large screens, and would make them a lot heavier.