404 Error Trial

So I’m trying to download the trial version. “404 Page not Found” REALLY? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

You expect people to shell out hundreds of dollars on a program and company web developers can’t keep this straight? This has been going on a long time. I recall reading about this months ago. SO. One can only think that all this great hype about how much greater Dorico is than Sibelius is utter !@%^###%^*.

So I’m not about to try and figure this out, it’s very simple:
$10000 bet that the “Buy Now” link works perfect. The pay process takes the funds easily I’m sure ““BUT”” then the user goes through this or another pain in the *** issue to try and actually download or acquire the SN. Any money. Tell me I’m wrong but I’ve also read this same issue, again, months ago. STILL THIS HAS NOT BEEN ADDRESSED???
I almost pressed the Buy Now button but figured I’d try the Trial before shifting over to Dorico from Sibelius Ultimate.
As it stands now, this REALLY doesn’t instill the slightest bit of faith for me.

Yes I’ve tried different browsers, cleared cache. It’s actually nuts if you have to jump through these hoops when ALL OTHER LINKS IN THE WORLD WORK FINE.

There’s been some site maintenance in the past 24 hours or so - you’ve probably found a link that was at new.steinberg.net and isn’t, as of just the past day. This isn’t something that’s been “going on for months”, this is extremely recent planned migration from one sub domain to another.

See https://twitter.com/steinbergmedia/status/1430032203422085134?s=21 for instance.

This link seems to be working fine, here, at least: Try Dorico for 30 days for free | Steinberg

Thanks I’ll try it tomorrow, however, yes I saw this very issue on a few “software” based YouTube videos some while ago. THAT’S why I mentioned it, I didn’t make it up.

Also if it’s planned maintenance, what I used to do was have the page redirected to another page advising the user of the current status. But…


The Steinberg web site was completely overhauled yesterday, and was unavailable for most of the day. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. You should, however, find that you can now download the trial from the expected place, which is here.

If you have any further problems now that the web site has been updated, please let me know.

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I am having the same problem. I have received an email but when I click on the button to download the Mac Version it takes me to a 404 Error Page not found.

I only just signed up for the free trial. I have tried clicking on your link in the post above but it sends me into a loop of where I have already been. Any help you can offer would be gratefully received.

Thank you,

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Welcome to the forum, @Jonathan86, and sorry to hear you’re having problems getting hold of the trial. You should be able to download the installer etc. from here. You need both the application installer and the sound/content installer.

I’ll send you a trial activation code via private message here.

Thank you for your prompt support. I will follow your instructions and have a proper look at the suite tomorrow. Thanks for the activation code too.

Thanks for you reply. Much appreciated!!