404 page-does-not-exist on upgrade link to 6.5 page

Hi all,

I bought Cubase 6.5 Artist two days ago and the boxset arrived yesterday evening. With version 6 in it. Not 6.5.

I started the installation, and got to the eLicense phase. Because that was the only window I saw, I assumed I had to continue the installation with it. So I did. When installed I tried to activate, but I got a message that the eLicense software was out of date and that I had to download and install a new version.
Which I did, only to get a window indicating that as long as the Cubase install was running, eLicense could not be installed. Believe me: the QuickStart Guide was of no help.

Wanting to start all over, I found the Cubase Install Window well hidden beneath that eLicense one. So I managed to install, and then installed the eLicense soft which allowed me to activate, and mentioned I could upgrade to the version I did buy thanks to a “grace period”. I went to the indicated page, entered my necessary data and yes, I was allowed to download theversion I initially bought. All I had to do was follow the given link.

Which leads to a 404 page :

The page cannot be found (404 Error)

We are sorry, but the page you are looking for cannot be found. The requested page may have been deleted, moved or the name could have been changed.

Please check the spelling of the URL or try out out the links below.

Thank you very much!

I must say that I am quite disappointed. I bought Cubase because I wanted software with a tradition, in short: the best one available. But this first phase makes me doubt sincerely whether I did indeed make the right choice.
It can’t be that no-one checked this, that no-one mentioned this before. On other software I use ( 2D, 3D) during install the website is visited and checked for newer versions. The newest one is then automatically downloaded and installed, replacing the one on dvd.

Having created several websites myself, I know that servers can be in overload. Then people are taken to a page indicating that “the servers are busy. Please try again later”. But this is a 404 iow " I do not exist" page warning.

Meanwhile I am left in the dark. Is this a full upgrade that will wipe out the previous version? Will settings be kept? Can I use that version 6 without running into trouble later? And most of all: where can I find that 6.5 upgrade I am entitled to?

Store product page says that this may happen.

The grace period upgrade installer will build on the previous installation. There is a way around this (see at end of post).

Your 6.5 license will allow you to run 6.

You already have the license. Now for the program itself.

I’ve seen this (from posts, not on my end) before. I just checked the grace period page (I’m eligible) and it’s working fine (here at least).
The best way you can proceed (beyond contacting Steinberg support) is to download the demo (of Cubase 6.5) installer. That installer is the full program (granted some features will be locked to you because of your Artist 6.5 license). You can ignore the license key that you will receive in your e-mail.
This will allow you to install Artist 6.5 to a new directory (completely separate from your 6 installation), thus preserving 6.
Just as a precaution, however, make a copy of Cubase 6’s preference folder.
This folder can be found:
Users/Your Username/Library/Preferences/Your Cubase version (on MacOS)
c:\Users*Your Username*\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg*Your Cubase version*
and just copy the whole folder to another directory. This will guarantee your settings will be saved.

Second one within 24h :wink:

Sideadmins make this one sticky (perhaops change title to how to upgrade correctly from 6 to 6.5 if you boughht 6.5 and got 6)
and say Thank you for Shintas polite support :wink:

Greetz Bassbase

Not exactly.
This user is able to see the grace period download (on the grace period page) but is getting a 404 error when he tries to download it.

To Henius:
Maybe try from this page:
(Linked pulled directly off Steinberg.net)

Another Point for Shinta :wink: for 100% accuracy

Thnaks for replying.
But I don’t exactly want to keep that version 6. I see no need for it.
I have no settings yet as I’m a totally new user, coming from Reaper.
My machine is hyper clean, and I don’t find it professionally doable to have to install a second version of an application to get a working version I’m entitled to use. And that I bought.

You are of course right when you state that: Please note that you may receive a box with either a Cubase Artist 6 or Cubase Artist 6.5 installer disk inside.
But right after that I read If you receive Cubase Artist 6, simply follow the instructions to activate and download Cubase Artist 6.5.

Which I did.
When on the grace period page, I am entitled to the downloads of either mac or pc. Both lead to 404 error pages…
If you are not led to those 404’s it may well be that you have admin or at least special rights.
I don’t. And I guess I’m not the only customer who doesn’t. Who hits the 404 wall.
That problem should be fixed, shouldn’t it?

The page you mention ( http://www.steinberg.net/en/support/grace_period.html )
is exactly the page I initially started from. I enter my key, have it check, I am entitled, get the links and get the 404’s.

So than the other workaround would be to get the trial of 6.5 and with your key it should be permanent unlocked,

Think they are going to fix it soon, maybe the siteprogrammer just missed a ; or a point :wink: witch leaded to this 404

Greetz Bassbase

Last time we found a mistake it was fixed very fast the riddle about the freeplugin meter SLM128.

Not that I know of. :confused:
It may be related to your location in the world (and server being downloaded from). I’m probably on a North American server. (I’m assuming different servers).
It could be that Steinberg.net redirects (based on your IP) to a server near your location. If that server is down (for maintenance) it throws a 404. (This is a guess).
Could be handled better, I admit.


Easiest (and quickest) way is to download the trial of 6.5. It’s the full installer (no prior 6 installation needed).
For cleanliness sake, you may want to remove the 6 installation.

I’ve seen it before (in forum posts), but I think it’s intermittent.

Downloading now.

Must I first uninstall 6, or will this automatically be done by the installer?

No, it won’t.
The installer you’re downloading will install 6.5 to a new folder, leaving the old 6 installation in tact.

So i just downloaded the trial.
Unpacked it and started the installation. I have already 6.5 installed. And it only detected that Cubase 6 is installed.
Also the Padshop and Retrolouge. But what was funny was it showed me tha grooveagent and loopmash could get a content update :wink:

Greetz Bassbase


Right! I forgot! :blush:

The installer for Cubase is an updating installer.
If it finds old content that can be updated, it will (if you let it).
If it doesn’t find content, it will install it (if you let it).

Weird some have troubles even to download the trial?

And i need a correction tool of my posts otherwise my mistakes will be quoted with 100% accuracy for ever :wink:

Greetz Bassbase

OK. I installed the trial to my ProgramFiles/Steinberg folder, it detected what was there and upgraded the 6 to 6.5.

So I have one more question (thanks for your patience):

I now have a VST Sound folder inside the Cubase 6, and another one which is much larger in the Cubase 6.5trial > Cubase for Windows > Additional Content folder.
I assume that 6 was upgraded to 6.5, so I guess those two folders should/could be merged.
Is this right?

For 100% accuracy wait for Shintas reply :wink:

I for myself do nothing about the folder structure of cubase itself :wink: so everything belonging to cubase works fine for me.
All my Plugins i install by myself are placed in this folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugIns

Ok so now have fun with your new tool.
And i just played around with the loopmash content :wink: yeah now i can sound like Skrillex with the skillex preset :wink: :laughing:

Greetz Bassbase

I’m honestly not sure.

Ditto. Better to leave alone, I say.

OK, I’ll leave them there for the moment.

I did check, and it’s a real upgrade indeed. The 6 exe is now 6.5.0 build102.
I’ve noticed that there are updates to 6.5.1 and 6.5.2.
perhaps these should also be installed for some small bugs issues?

Watching the videos…

and thanks for your help! much appreciated!

If you go here:
you can get both in one.

The 6.5.2 was specifically for Artist to fix a bug with the score and key editors that caused Cubase to crash.
I recommend getting it, seeing as you have Artist.

Your welcome,…

I justed installed 6.5.1 if i remeber right 6.5.2 is just an emergency update to fix problems in the smaller versions.

von EdDoll » 04 Apr 2012 13:32
Cubase and Cubase Artist 6 are part of one unified installer. That’s why Cubase 6.5 will also be updated by this installer but we do not recommend it as it is a hot fix and it doesn’t fix anything for the big Cubase version.

greetz Bassbase