41 100 KHz says Unsupported Sample Rate

Recently smething has changed in my laptop using Windows 11 with Cubase 10 and all of my projects come with a sample rate 41 100 KHz and in Project setup window it stays beneath the sample rate box Unsupported Sample Rate.
The projects sound faster and a half tome higher.
If I try to change the sample rate to 48 000 there in the box in Project setup it comes back to normal but with a bunch of failures.
I maybe have changed some setting in my Windows or in the Cubase about this sample rat, but I don’t remember…
What should I do do access all my old projects in their original format as I have recorded them?
Could you please help?
Thank you in advance!

You need to change the sample rate in the driver you are using.
Some drivers don’t support the sample rate changes from the host under certain circumstances.

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I have a laptop with W11 and a Realtek audio chip that ONLY works at 48Khz. In the windows setup there is only this option. I’ve not found any way to fix it.

With asio4all driver I can work with 44 and 48, but resampling. It is ok for fast work but the quality is poor.

With any external audio device all sample rates work fine.

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Thank you very much for writing!
My Cubase uses Generic low latency ASIO driver where HW sample rate is 48 000 kHz. So I don’t know why recently any project of mine I open is adjusted to 41 100 kHz…