41 Improvements Halion 6 could seriously use.

Halion is great but there’s plenty room for improvement. I made this list of 41 things I think Halion 6 could serously use in order to maximize capability and quality. Some of these things come from a user perspective but most are from a developer perspective.

  1. Add toggle-lock expand all mixer channels (Lock the expanded state of the mixer channels).
  2. Add duplicate option for Program Tree Elements (Right click, Duplicate).
  3. Add search function within the Parameter Tree.
  4. Add ability to Assign quick controls to Mod Matrix Destinations.
  5. Add Ability to assign FX parameters to mod matrix.
  6. Add FM synth module.
  7. Add LFO view Element/Template to macro page. (Same LFO view as the one in Zones)
  8. Add filter view Element/Template (we need a frequency response display with color and fill options).
  9. Add separate cutoffs knobs per filter (offset sucks).
  10. Add ability to route Zones into each other i.e. routing the output of one Zone into the filter of another Zone.
  11. Add a phase/polarity inversion option.
  12. Add output waveform Element/Template. Let us see the output as a waveform, not just the sample.
  13. Add ability to create and save HSSE3 presets directly from H6.
  14. Add Copy and paste options for quick controls section in Layer and Program SOUND tab.
  15. Add program browsing from macro page i.e. add program browser Element/Template.
  16. Fix manual. Limitations not documented (i.e. bitmap size) and typos (Path Browser - HALion Macro Page - Steinberg Developer Help “Titel”).
  17. H6 should have fast Multi program switching just like HS3.
  18. Add support for higher resolution screens. Macro pages look pixelated on a lot of screens.
  19. Right-click “Sort selection by name” in Macro Page (Would be nice if we could select several elements and be able to reorganize them by alpha-numerically).
  20. Add Duplicate to key commands. There’s currently no way to assign a shortcut for this function.
  21. Note Expression names should follow from HS6 to HS3 with layer export.
  22. Add a mix knob on all distortion effects i.e. Amplifier, VST Amp, and Tape Saturation (Just like the legacy fx).
  23. Add right-click “Group selection”, “Stack selection”, “Disable Group selection” in macro page.
  24. Lock Resources in the macro designer. You can lock the templates but not the resources the templates use.
  25. Add the rest of Reverence reverb paramters.
  26. Copy and paste stop reordering elements.
  27. Add ability to use coded parameters in mod matrix.
  28. Add a Bitmap pixel size display.
  29. Add ability to change empty macro area from dark gray (Useful when creating and testing macro page elements).
  30. Exported properties and scopes moves with copy and paste.
  31. Attribute values (Author, style etc etc) transfer over from H6 to HSSE3 with layer preset.
  32. Comb filter missing from manual.
  33. Comb filter should be in classic filter type.
  34. Add read-only option to Enevelope view macro template.
  35. Add ability to change pop up parameters so that they can be used as more than just menus.
  36. Higher bitmap dimension limit (This is especially important when trying to create multi-framed bitmaps).
  37. Add Envelope fill option to Enevelope view macro template.
  38. Add Envelope fill color to Enevelope view macro template.
  39. Add Envelope color option to Enevelope view macro template
  40. Add an Oscilloscope template to macro page.
  41. Add drag and drop functions to macro page. Would be nice to drag and drop parameters to the mod matrix.
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Please add programchange and bankselect like my request

Good list

Updated this post with more improvements I’ve noted over the time I’ve used Halion. By no means is this post trying to make Halion look bad. In fact it’s the opposite. I love Halion. It’s my favorite! I just want to see it even more powerful.

Please, add to this list full compatibility with the Seaboard Rise and MIDI controller Polyphonic Expression (MPE) and why not a sound library dedicated to 5D.

It’s really very interesting, but what I’m talking about by compatibility is a complete integration of the parameters used by the MPE, in the manner of FXpansion VST Strobe2 which is very interesting as a plugin, but which is far from offering so many possibilities that Halion. Adding these features to HALion would make this one very attractive for ROLI owners.


Halion is able to work with MIDI MPE. It just takes some setting up.