43Mb Project file (.cpr). Normal?

Cubase save them in the “Images” folder

The wave Image files are stored in a separate folder called, Images.

Seems you´re getting slow man… :wink:

Dam… :mrgreen:

Sorry, sorry, sorry! The PEAK DATA FILES (audio image file) are NOT saved within the project file. I checked out one of my projcet’s folder and they are saved under the “IMAGES”-folder.

Don’t really know what kind of crap it saves in the Project file then :confused: :\ My projects started saving slowly (not too slow but so that I noticed it) and since I have my auto save value as 2 minutes, it started bugging me enough. Would be nice to know how to make the CPR’s smaller.

Yeah :smiley: Just noticed and replyed above with a new message.

Wouldn’t it be great if out curiosity to the mysterious inner working of Cubase could be answered by an official from Steinberg every now and then :ugeek:

It would actually be nice :smiley: I wonder where Cubase consumes all the PC’s power but I once had this tiny little software named SAWPlus32 and hell if I’d do ANY KIND of a downmix with that old software with my current workstation, the downmixing would be finished in 1-3 seconds.

Of course Cubase is “a BIT” more complex software so I’m sure the power is used conveniently. But anyhow, some things would be so nice to know. Like, for example, this problem with the huge Project files…!?


I’m sure this “bloat” of the .cpr file has been discussed before in the older forums.

One thing to try would be to do a save project to new folder (c4) or backup project (c5) and see if the new .cpr is still bloated?

I tried creating a backup prosject, but still the same size.

Variaudio might be a good tips.
2 vocal tracks have quite a bit of tweaking in Variaudio done to them, and it seems it might be after this the projectfile started to grow in size (but I can not confirm this at the moment).
Why save this kind of information in the project file…?

Well, I don´t really know, but it seems like a good idea if you open the file on a different computer or exchange projects with someone else, you´d probably want the Variaudio editing to be ported over…!?

Well, of cource one want’s the variaudio editing to be a part of the project, but adding this to a sidefile would make saving the project quicker. The Variaudio file should only be updated when one does Variaudio editing.
It is very annoying to have the whole project hang for the time it takes to save the project, and with the 43Mb file it takes some time.
…of cource all this only makes sense if Variaudio data is actually included in the project file.

Why not try opening the project, deleting the files with variaudio on them, save it to a new file and check the saved file size? primitive diagnostics, I know, but it might provide a clue. :bulb:

I did try removing the tracks with Variaudio on them and saving to a new project.
Project size is still about the same. I did NOT physically delete the audio files, which was probably a mistake…?

Can someone from Steinberg please tell if Variaudio data is saved in the project file or not?

I think this is even mentioned in the manual somewhere. It also was dicussed in the old forum, IIRC

-Created new project - 23 mono audio tracks length 20 -30 sec. -> save project -> project file size 406 kB
-Analyze all files with Variaudio -> save project -> project file size 6,12 MB (more than 10x increase)
-Straighten /Quantize Pitch on all recognized segments on every track -> save project -> project file size 6,21 MB
-“Bounce selection on all tracks”, remove unused data from Pool -> Save project -> project file size 392 kB
-“Bounce selection on all tracks”, keep unused data -> Save project ->Project file size 6,21 MB

So basically I could make a copy of the project (for backup, and possible Variaudio changes later on). Bounce the tracks with Variaudio to disk. Remove the original tracks and pool data. Import the bounced tracks, and I should have a much smaller projectfile.

You don´t need to import bounced files, simply select “replace”, (Read up on “bounce selection”) apart from that it seems to be that way…

Worked perfectly.
My projectfile is now about 1Mb.

Any one have any suggestions on compacting a midi-only CPR file that is now >60MB?

It’s a long project - about 2 hours in total - with a lot of midi tracks, and nothing frozen. No vari-audio, etc.

Backing up the project doesn’t seem to make any difference, and there are no files in any of the project subfolders, just the single CPR file.

There is a reasonable amount of automation, and a lot of expression maps in use for keyswitching, does this really add up to that much?