44,1 Khz not supported?

After many years using Cubase 5 I decided to update to Cubase 10 but I’m having quite a problem with the sampling rates. Back in 5, I had a lot of projects which were recorded with a Sample Rate of 44.100 Hz and worked just fine, but when trying to import these recordings to Cubase 10.5, the tempo and pitch get all messed up, mainly because 10.5 works with 48.000 Hz. I tried changing it back to 44.100 Hz to just work normally as I did before but found out that it’s impossible as it is not supported anymore?
Are these recordings impossible to import in 10.5 or is there a way to somehow support 44.100 Hz in 10.5 so that it doesn’t mess up the tempo and pitch of all my recordings? I have already tried changing the files’ sampling rates at import and in the pool and their tempo always gets messed up no matter what it is.

Make sure you make a new,empty project and set it up to 44,1khz in projectsetup.
Also be sure your interface is set to the same samplerate in devices.
Then the files should import correct.

Cubase supports any samplerate the is supported by your interface.