44.1 or 48

Simple question and NOT a debate fellas. I don’t care about 88.2, 96, 192 etc. nor file sizes nor the whole sound quality debate.

Is there any point to hang on 44.1 when we don’t really burn CD’s at this point? Most of us are uploading to mastering houses, videos we are doing etc.

I notice most of the Youtubers who are doing DAW stuff its all at 48 which goes to the audio for video convention.


Im tired of switching the MR816X and Apollo Twin here since they are connected.

Im doing ALL new projects on the Apollo from here out and an iMac. The MacPro has the MR816X connected.

Id like to pick 44.1 or 48 and leave it alone.

Thank ya .



I asked me the same. At the end I decided to do all in 48 kHz and will convert the master to 44 only if some day I need to burn a CD. It is not a big deal to do it, so…

Important is to consider though that the master would need dithering if converted from 24 bit to 16 in that case.

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I always use 24 bit 48Khz and mix down to mp3 at 24 bit unless you need a very small file at 44.1. I never use 16 bit nowadays. This way Cubase defaults to my setting every time I start a new project.

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Some folks need 48K sampling because it allows for perfect sample-level synchronization with 24 frame per second video, but mostly, those days of synchronization problems are over. CD is still a major digital standard, so it might be hard to dismiss it out of hand.

Audio material gets “conformed” to what sample rate is needed for final output, which depends on what industry/person you are dealing with.

For bedroom producers, playback devices today handle audio and video with odd-multiple base rates simply fine. Pick a rate you are comfortable using and stick with it. It is as simple as that.


I think it doesn’t matter at all. Use either one. The conversion from one to the other is math and isn’t audible.

Iam mostly in 44.1 honestly. But of course, when I am writing for the picture it’s always 48.

96khz and 24bit here…I’d rather downsample than upsample :wink: I’d considered 192 but I wouldn’t run into the need for it! Higher sample rates help out with certain plugins and makes it easier to have quality delivery formats.


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I work mostly in 48/24. But to be honest, I like the sound of 44.1/24 projects much more. I don’t know if it’s a psychological trick my mind is playing on me. I also hear some people on the Net claim 88/24 is the optimal project vs plugin efficiency settings – but it’s hard to know as there is so much misinformation on the Net.