440 hz force conversion

I have an analog synth that can’t be used on tracks because it is always
very slightly out of 440hz tune. Even though it has a tuning feature it is not exact. What options if any could I employ to force every note out of the synth to 440hz so it it is in perfect tune with VSts like Halion and others…are there any real options to fix this?

You’re talking about the Audio produced by the external synth, right?

Cubase can’t really impact how the synth itself produces sound beyond sending it MIDI Messages. You might try the Pitch Correct plug-in and see if that helps. Most of the advice out there about pitch correcting vocals would also apply. If it isn’t polyphonic you can correct it in the Sample Editor, for poly you’d need Melodyne

Isn’t pitch drift supposed to be part of the charm of old analog?

its un usable as is… its an Uno Pro…how would I do it in Sample Editor?thats a Cubase utility, yes??
I have Artist 11.No vocals…just VST instruments/fusion style.

The Sample Editor will only work on monophonic content, not chords - so that’s a basic limitation.

I’m actually not a good person to offer advice on how to use the Sample Editor since I use a 3rd party tool (Melodyne) for that kind of work. But the Operations Manual should cover all the basics & I’m sure there are pitch correction videos on the Cubase YouTube channel. There are experts here that will hopefully chime in.

Did you try the plug-in to see if that helps?