48K Clips Paste Into 44.1K Montage Without Warning

I’ve had a few problems with speed being wrong unknowingly (duh,I know), and never could figure out what the problem was until tonight.

It seems if you select multiple clips and copy them from one montage to another montage of a different rate, there is no sampling rate warning like there is if you copy and paste a single clip.

Can this be reproduced? I’m seeing this on Win 10.

Can’t believe it’s taken me this long, because it seems to be the same in Wavelab 8.5

Yep. I can confirm there is on Mac with WL 9.1.

If you try to copy/paste just one clip, you get the warning. If you try to copy/paste multiple clips, you can do it without warning.

Thanks Justin.

PG, can this be fixed?

Yes for sure. But only in after-next update.