48k Sample Rate messing up audio

When I set my sample rate to 48k, all my projects either a) Only playback audio from the left channel or b) Don’t produce any audio. When I set the sample rate to 16k it works fine, but it’s annoying because some sounds don’t come out quite right due to the lowered sample rate.

Are there any fixes for this?

44.1 would be the “standard” sample rate

I don’t have the option to change it to 44.1k.

We are going to need more info about your setup otherwise we would just be guessing. What OS are you using? What ASIO Driver is selected? Are you using an external DAC/Interface? Any other relevant audio settings? Or audio programs open at the same time?

I’m on a M1 Macbook. ASIO driver selected is my headphones. I have the Podcasts and Music apps open.

This kind of problem is not uncommon with headphones that have a built-in microphone. They often present two devices with the same name, one for the mono mic input that supports only a lower sample rate, and one for the stereo output. You may find that you can choose a second identically-named device in Edit > Device Setup and that will resolve the problem.

I am already using the device that supports the stereo output, but it only uses the left channel (or produces no sound at all) when I select the 48k sample rate

You might find that setting up an aggregate device in Audio MIDI Setup and then using that instead will work more easily. Try following the steps described here.

Hi @Anonymoususer335 ,
do you still have the issue? Actually, I wonder that you only have 48 and 16kHz as sample rates. I know this only from the AirPods. Do you also use AirPods?
Furthermore, could you please do in Dorico ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and attach the correspondig zip file here? Thank you very much.