48khz / 24 bit in Elements 10 not possible

I am working in Cubase Elements 10 on a project with imported audio files recorded at 48khz / 24 bit. Alhough availabe as a choice on the menu, 48 khz is not supported. Why not? Previous versions support this. Luckily I still had Elements 9 installed, where it works. Why am I upgrading to every new version and functions change/disappear?

This is not correct. Cubase Elements 10 supports all standard sample rates up to and including 192kHz. You may be experiencing a limitation of your audio interface – Cubase can’t do things the hardware does not allow.

I’m using 48/24 in Elements 10 right now.

— You may be experiencing a limitation of your audio interface …

That doesn’t seem to be the case, because it works correctly with Cubase 9.5 and also with other audio players (e.g. Windows Media Player). So what else could cause that problem?

Strangely enough … trying it again in Cubase 10, I set the bit rate to 16bits, which worked/sounded correctly (even though I’m sure it was recorded 24 bits). After that I was also able to reset it to 48khz and 24 bits and it no longer showed this incompatibilty message … Beats me, but it seems to be working now.

If you open the Pool Window you’ll be able to see what format the files are (Media > Open Pool Window).