48khz 4/4 != 96khz 4/4 ?????


Please help…
When I start a project in 96khz, the playback is very slow.
and I actually can’t relay on the grid! is that normal?
I’m not talking about performance, all samples and instruments sounds good
just the playlist/tracklist is slow. as if I’ve lowered the bpm, but I didn’t (137) !

Please, advise!

Thank you!

No idea what your specs are, it helps if you list them in your signature area.

Running at 96k use more CPU. Can’t say if this is your problem or not.

Its not.
If it was, the sound would’ve clicked and distorted.
as I said, it’s play slow as if BPM is low. but 137 should be fast!

Anyone, please Help!

Are you absolutely sure you’re running at 96khz? Check by opening the fw410 software. Another program (a media player, for example) might be forcing the sound interface to run at a lower sample rate.

When you open pool window are the samples in 96khz?

Found the problem! My fw410 is stuck on 48k. Thank you, all! [SMILING FACE WITH SMILING EYES]