48khz/44.1khz mismatch

Ever since I got 16.4.2, I started having weird issues I guess its related to SampleRate mismatch,

I always work in 44.1Khz and set audio driver to 44.1khz but i guess StudioLive or Universal Control or Cubase at some point confuses to 48khz somehow
because many times I reopen a session and all the audio file are pitched down so i have to fool cubase to convert them to 44.1 even thou the project is already set to 44.1,
i do this by changing the setting of a project to 48khz, cubase just changes the settings, than i change it back to 44.1 and than cubase asks me to convert all file to the new sample rate.

this is weird because at first everything is ok, but after re-opnening the project all the audio files are pitched down, and it happens so quick, the 44.1 to 48 software confusion or conversion, but changing all the waves back to 44.1 takes such a long time.

Right now I’m converting 2+ hours of 18 tracks of recording of a concert and it says “time remaining 1 hour 22 minutes”…

If your file were recorded at 44.1 then they should stay at 44.1 regardless of the sound card setting.

If you have to convert all your files to 44.1 then they have been recorded at a different rate!

Do you have your computer sounds routed through the sound card, potentially switching your card to 48KHz

I have windows sounds off.
I am 99% sure I was recording at 44.1khz, but it was on Mac. (in studio i use pc)
Maybe Fantom-G is messing things up, because it was apearing in the windows playback devices, so now I disabled Fantom-G.
now importing all the tracks again, I hope the mismatch didn’t happen between Mac and PC.