48kHz vs 88.2kHz - huge difference in CPU?

Hey hey everyone…

I’m thinking of reducing my project sample rate from 88.2kHz to 48kHz to make my projects run more CPU efficient.

Can anyone with experience confirm there will be a significant or even noticeable reduction in CPU consumption?


Yes, it’s a huge difference indeed. You will notice a gigantic reduction in CPU consumption from plugin use.

Let’s say you used 88.2 and now 44.1, your buffer setting is at 256 samples and you don’t change it.
Now the computer has half the data to crunch and the buffer is now effectively twice the size.
So expect the latency to be doubled from what it was before, or set the buffer to 128 samples to remain at the same latency.
Just a little helpful reminder to re-adjust buffer settings when you change sample rate, if you know all that than sorry.

I didn’t know. Thanks very much for the info guys.

So using a lower sample rate, you need to lower the buffer size as well to match your previous latency, but the computer is more likely to be able to handle lower buffer sizes without dropouts because overall you’re using less CPU?



Makes perfect sense when I draw upon physics theory… Velocity (sample rate) = Distance (buffer size) / Time (latency)