49 key contollers with DAW integration

Hi, just wanted to see if anyone has experience with the DAW integration with Cubase on the below controllers that are on the market.

  • Arturia Keylab 49 Mkii
  • Akai Advance 49
  • NI Komplete S49 2nd Gen

I am leaning towards the keylab just because I am already a heavy vcollections users (it would be nice to finally control some params with those knobs) but the DAW control is a little more important to me.

I can’t figure out if the Advance 49 is more of a EDM/DJ type controller – but it seems decent quality.

Anyone have any experience of comments on the DAW control integration with Cubase of the above or have any other recommendations. I already tried a Nektar and found the keys too poor quality. Given that my last controller has been in my studio for 25 years (has no DAW control!), I feel I might want to spend a little more as I won’t be buying another one for a very long time.


read the other day in the NI-Forum, that NI is working on a Cubase integration of their keyboards. Might be another “+” for NI.

I personally like the M-Audio Axiom Pro (or Axiom Air) because of the Hypercontrol function. With that the keyboard is closely integrated into Cubase. Bi-directional data exchange to e.g. see changes of DAW parameters on the keyboard display. Directly use keyboard knobs or faders to change DAW, VSTi or plugin parameters. Transport functions. Little configuration necessary.

Unfortunately, M-Audio no longer sells keyboards having 49 or 61 keys with Hypercontrol. Only the Air Mini 25 is available.

LG, Juergi

NI Komplete kontrol is a very good keyboard controller…