4930k motherboard

I need a 4930k motherboard with a PCI slot, would an Asus P9X79 suffice?

Sure… It will be fine.


If you can wait a couple of months you might want to check out the new i7 5900 series which uses the X99 chipset (DDR4 memory is the main feature). The 5960x CPU is 8 core…

that’s what i’m using. (pci for rme hdsp.)

the ‘wait couple of months’ strategy is something i had consireded, but the ‘couple of months’ seemed to have remained a constant timeframe, and with the pricing of new CPUs in mind, i eventually gave up waiting, and decided against it.

Great, thanks! What ram did you get?

Also the new X99 chipset probably won’t have native PCI. I think the X79 will be the last we see of native PCI slots.


PCI… Yes I think x99 only supports two variants of pcie… Thanks for pointing that out.

…and probably around EUR 1.000,-.

8 core will be something I’ll consider post Haswell. The 7930k or whatever it is called. Almost top of the line (3% or so slower than the top model), but half as expensive as only one above it.

Until then I think the 4930k is a sweetspot. Mine even overclocks like a charm (which doesn’t mean that every 4930k overclocks nicely, of course!).

Sure makes sense… My usual approach is to upgrade once a 2x performance improvement becomes available. I am currently using an i7 2600 (4 core ~3.4 Ghz) which happily overclocks to ~4.5Ghz x 4 = 18Ghz. The 5960 will clock around 30Ghz assuming a conservative 1.25 overclock ratio (base clock frequency of 8 core is slower than 4/6 core siblings) so it all ends up around the 2x range. I might wait for a rev of an x99 board through as I am sure there will be issues for some time. In any event I am targeting December '14 for my upgrade.

kingston hyperx beast. just something i was recommended, don’t know much about ram specs.

I have a similar reasoning, but I add the “money factor”:

I’m willing to spend EUR 500,- every 3 years for a new CPU if I get 2x the raw Whetstone power (which is the only thing that really matters with Cubase… Dhrystone is almost irrelevant, because audio as we know it - as opposed to the consumer c*** - is in floating point).

This time I waited 5 years (almost to the day) and got about 4x, because I can overclock this machine here heavily. Before that I had a Phenom II X4 955 (which my girlfriend will get, but with air cooling, sadly… she doesn’t like the idea of electricity + water for some reason… :smiley:).

Entirely sensible… Of course you are correct… Its all about FP… Funny about the cooling… Just this morning I was researching the latest in (moderately affordable) cooling technology. Lots of interesting stuff out there… I have to admit water cooling spooks me a little too… Somewhat (but only mildly) tempted to muck around with nitrogen cooling to see how far the clock can be pushed but not until I upgrade. Maybe I’ll just get a freezer :slight_smile:

I’m using an Aquaduct 360 XT for 5 years now (right now it’s not working and I’m on air, temporarily, but I got myself everything I need to fix the issues) - and never had a leak or something.

Only thing is: you need to clean it, time and again - and water evaporates, so you have to fill it up. Besides that - hakuna matata. :smiley:

Advantages: it’s silent and it’s cool. Seriously cool.

Fantastic!! Thanks for the recommendation!

It’s a bit steep initially… the whole kit will set you back about EUR 700.-, but it’s worth it, I think.

Agreed… Well worth it…