4GB File Limit on Orchestral Templates????

Yeah, I got that now with the clarification from metrosuperstar. I do suspect it is some kind of RAM issue though, either from running 32bit Cubase or simply because the Project file combined with all the Kontakt instances are using more RAM than he has but not sure though.

64-bit Windows 10, 64-bit Cubase 9.5.10, 32GB RAM

Maybe just for a test, try to rename the folder in which your Kontakt dll is located, to see if Cubase will open the file when it cannot load all those Kontakt instances.

Some clarification would be helpful here.

Since the error message in the OP does not mention file size how do you know that’s the issue?

I suspect that the file size idea is a red herring.

OP message does mention that he hit the 4 GB file size, hence i thought he was talking about a 4 GB Wav file but that is not the case.

Right. I’m saying that the assumption about this being caused by file size is erroneous.

It is conceivable that a cpr file could be corrupt, and the file system could show its size as being enormous.

I was able to reproduce the error a few times when building up templates again and hitting that point. However, Steinberg does not think that there would be a ceiling on file size but maybe has to do with RAM use at a certain point. Don’t know. Weird. Tracks are disabled. I have 32GB RAM. Anyway, I decided to break up my orchestral templates in smaller templates and then use Import Tracks from Other Projects if I ever want to bring in more stuff. Just for my own education though… is it possible yet to copy a track (or folder of tracks) from an open project onto another? This would be quicker than using the Import Tracks option.


I would like to reproduce it here.

Could you provide one of your large template? Or multiple templates, which crashes when I combine them? It would be easier to reproduce it this way then just to try to make a large template, and don’t know by which data should I fill it in. Thanks.

You cannot copy the tracks, you can copy the data from project to another one.

Maybe Track presets would help on your case?

Hi Martin, I cannot upload a 4GB template. All I can say if if you have ALOT of massive Kontakt libraries, and a free afternoon, you could do what I did and create a track for every single articulation in each of those libraries until you have thousands…

I’m not sure about the track preset suggestion but I’ll keep it in mind.

I will also post a feature request so that when we use Import Tracks from Project we have the ability to use CTRL or SHIFT to select quickly a large number of tracks. Checking them off one by one is very tedious, and I certainly don’t want to do Select All.

This turned out to be quite easy to reproduce, actually.

New project
Add 16,000 disabled Instrument track instances of Halion Sonic SE. (I added an organ, disabled the track and then repeatedly invoked select-all, duplicate track)
Save project
Try to reopen, project is corrupt.

Note, Cubase memory use exceeded the physical memory (16gb here) and was using the page file, so things got very slow. I was able to save the project though. Cubase could not quit afterwards, and never let go of the more than 16gb ram it had reserved, so I forced it to terminate.

Thank you Steve!

Wow, Steve! I’m impressed! :slight_smile:

So does this mean a bug with Cubase? I’d like to understand why this is happening…

I’m also able to reproduce this. Last file size (when I cannot open it anymore) is 4.29GB.

Reported to Steinberg.

Thanks Martin. I look forward to being able to use 16,001 tracks in my next composition, Maximus Tracksimus.:laughing: :unamused:

Hi Martin,

I’m having the same basic problem (although my .cpr filesize upper limit is 1.99GB), and have lots of corrupted files, crash dump files, and other potentially-related data that I could provide to Steinberg.

Please check this thread:


I am having a similar problem.
Track count is around 5000.

Each track has an instance of Kontakt and is disabled.

It seems that I have hit some ceiling because the project file is about 2gb, but when I add just a few more tracks the size jumps to 4gb and the project become unreadable (error says project was built with Cubase 1.x).

I am using 9.5 Pro on a 32gb Windows 10 64bit system.


This should be fixed in the next update release.


Could you try with Cubase 9.5.30, please? It should be fixed for a files in range 2 - 4 GB. Files bigger then 4 GB are not fixed, as far as I know.

Please, when will file sizes above 4gb be fixed?

No, Unfortunately, no.
10.0.30 is still corrupting my cpr file after it reaches 3.99 GB((

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