4k full screen video player issue


I’ve recently changed from 4x27" monitors to a 55" 4k display that I’m virtually splitting with Display Fusion Pro. It’s proved to be a very effective solution when presenting my work to clients when I score to picture. I also fell in love with 3840 pixels wide for the mixer and the project window without bezels.

Here comes the problem, no matter what codec or container I use, the videos played with Cubase’s video engine are stuttering pretty bad in full screen mode. I’ve even bought the Avid’s Video Decoder license and nothing seems to solve the stuttering. I can see the hard-coded time-code jerk around. It runs smooth when I stretch the video box to almost full screen but as soon as I double click and go full screen, I get the stutter. I should mention that I never had an issue with my 4 physical monitors. It must have something to do with fully opening Cubase’s Video Player to a 4k display.

I’m working with a pretty powerful master/slave configuration along an Nvidia GTX 1060 6gb. I’m nowhere near overloading my system. I have tried a lot of different codecs and containers along with different resolution with no success.

Does anybody have any suggestions?

Or at least if someone from Steinberg takes note of the issue so maybe this could be solved in a future release.


The current public version of the new video engine is still an early WIP. The performance will most likely be improved greatly in the future.

One thing I could suggest is just to rule out Display Fusion Pro as the culprit by running Cubase without it running, if you haven’t already.

Thanks for the replies guys,

I wonder if the old engine would behave the same way. And yes I have tried without Display Fusion to rule that out.

I know that Steinberg has recently changed video engine and they say it’s for the best but maybe they should have waited for it to be ready. I don’t want to wonder off the initial post here but we are still waiting for an video export feature now that replace audio is out no longer possible. Not that it was a very effective feature but still. When I meet directors and collaborators in the studio, if I can’t show my work in full screen without stutter, I should at least be able to export quickly without the need to use a video editor software like Adobe Premier or Davinci Resole. But anyway that’s on another subject.

Again, the odd thing is that if I manually resize the video editor to let’s say 3839x2159, it runs smooth. Hopefully this post gets noticed and that can give the programmers at Steinberg an additional cue to fix this issue.

They did not actually say that it was for the best- Apple stopped issuing security updates for the Windows version, so they had to switch.

Sounds like you have a decent workaround, and you might even be able to use Display Fusion to automate the sizing of the video window.

As far as replace audio in video goes, there is an excellent app available made for Cubendo which converts video to Cubendo-friendly formats, and also does replace audio in video: https://audiospot.audio/audiospot-creativetools

Thanks Steve, that would be great if Display Fusion could do that, I’ll look into it. And thanks for that audiospot link too.

Looked into it with Display Fusion but it’s actually super easy using Workspaces. I am able to have an almost perfect full screen without any stutters. All that’s left showing is the video player’s header and my taskbar. I can definitely live with that until they fix whatever makes a full screen stutter in 4k.

Thanks for the help guys.

I was thinking Workspaces would help - I didn’t suggest that because the whole workspace gets changed, rather than just the video window. Anyway, glad it’s working for you.