4K monitor + 150% + "Show Application in High DPI" = incorrect plug-in window size

This issue report continues from: 4K monitor + 150% + "Show Application in High DPI" = incorrect plug-in window size - WaveLab - Steinberg Forums
and is still applicable for WaveLab 10.0.0 on Windows 10 Pro version 1903.

  • Monitor is a 3840 x 2160 monitor
  • Windows Settings > Display > Scaling: “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” set to Windows recommendation of 150%
  • WaveLab > Preferences > Global > Display > Miscellaneous Options > “Show Application in High DPI” is checked

In this scenario, most of the WaveLab interface renders quite nicely. However, when opening plug-ins, the framing window that WaveLab draws for the plugins is much too large. Here are a couple examples:

If I turn off WaveLab’s “Show Application in High DPI” then the plug-in windows are fitted correctly to the plug-ins, but the WaveLab interface is rendered with small type and details and it’s not as usable.

If I leave WaveLab’s “Show Application in High DPI” on but change Windows’ scaling from the recommended 150% for this monitor to 100%, WaveLab also draws the plug-in windows correctly around the plug-ins, but the WaveLab interface’s type and details are rendered so small as to be completely unusable.

This monitor is manufactured so that it works best with 150% scaling; hence, the Windows recommendation is 150%.

What I would prefer is for WaveLab to be able to work with Windows’ recommended scaling and draw the plugin window correctly.

Philippe mentioned on 9/13/2019:
“150% ratio will come in the future, but not in the near future.”

I am posting here for consideration under WaveLab 10.

WaveLab relies on some third party component for this, and 150% scaling is not yet ready. However, there is good hope for this support in about 3 months.

Thanks, Philippe!

Hi Philippe - any news on this? The issue seems to remain with version 10.0.40.

I am running WaveLab 10.0.40 on Windows and 3 screens, with 100%, 150% and 200% scaling.
And I don’t run any problem (well, sometimes some minot ones).
Can you summarize your problem with 10.0.40?

Thanks, Philippe -

The report in my original post still stands (see above).

Take a look at the screenshots for examples of the framing issue. The rest of the description also remains true and the same in 10.0.40.

Seems that these plugins don’t support HDPI.

Phillipe, I’d like to add some more detail.

The issue with the frame drawing larger (as shown in the screenshots) appears to occur with every single VST2 plugin I try to use in WaveLab, including plugins from companies like: iZotope, Softube, Sonnox, Native Instruments, Slate Digital, Voxengo, Plugin Alliance, Nugen, and DMG Audio. So far I haven’t found a VST2 plugin that will open with its bounding frame drawn at the size of the plugin itself; the plugins all open with significantly larger frames. HDPI support is available in most of these plugins, so I don’t think that’s the issue.

VST3 plugins don’t exhibit the large-frame issue, but they do vary in the rendering size of the plugins themselves. I understand that this may need to be handled by the plugin developers.

Can you help with the plugin frames drawing incorrectly for VST2 plugins in my stated HDPI environment, as it appears to be a WaveLab issue?

You are right, I can reproduce. I will investigate.

Phillipe, thanks for your ongoing support. Any timeline for resolution on this particular issue?

Yes, we have big improvements for this in upcoming 10.0.50.
Normally next month.