4k Resolution Miniature Tools issue

I know that it’s been talked about in general forum but I really think it’s more of an issue/bug that need to be addressed.

It happens once in a while and I still cannot pinpoint why this happens inconsistently but with a 4k resolution, sometimes, the tools are miniature as if everything is in 3840x2160 exept for the tools that stay in 1080p wich results in minature tools that we can barely see in with a 4k monitor.

The object selection tool is always ok but all the other tools are almost invisible. Rebooting sometime will do the trick but I’m often loading a lot of samples in a local instance of VEP so restarting is not the ideal solution.

If anyone has pinpointed the source of this resolution confusion inside Cubase, please let us know and help Steinberg solve this bug.


This has to do with the way Windows handles resizing elements independently from one another depending on screen scaling. For instance, cursors might have to change size, but text might not, (replace cursor and text with other items that populate the display…) Other applications have the same problem, SB has a solution which will come down the line.