4k Support?


i recenly migrated from PC to MacBook pro.
Everything was cool until i hooked up philips bdm4350uc - 4k 43" computer monitor (not a tv).
I connected it from the MBP’s thunderbolt to the screen’s displayport.

The Problems:

  1. Blocks dragging started to have a LAG
  2. Looks like when the screen is connected the audio processing meter is raised by 15%.

Tried to:

  1. Working on 2k resolution
  2. Connectiong via hdmi
  3. connecting the screen to the old pc - worked flawless
  4. Working on Logic - also was much better response

Is there any issues with 4k and cubase especially on Mac?
is it because this is a laptop and my old pc is not?



The one thing I can imagine to be possibly the problem is: your graphics card. Is it compatible? Newest driver and so on?
Just a guess :wink: