I really anticipated the support for UHD in this update but this has turned into a nightmare for me.

If I enable uhd support in preferences everything looks grand and equitable. That is until I load in a vst plugin (Kontakt springs to mind) and I am back to the minuscule - I need a magnifying glass - window.

Support for the interface is good. VSTi plugin windows support zilch. No resizable window. Nothing.

So I have my own solution, sort of. Turn off uhd support in preferences, right click cubase10.exe/properties/compatibility/change dpi settings/tick override high DPI scaling behaviour. Mine is set to system.

OK, so that’s my cubase 9.5 setting but at least the VSTi plugins are now large and workable.

I feel ya mate. This needs to be addressed. Most people are using plugins that do not support HiDPI yet and they are too small to read.