4K video playback are cropped.

4K Video are still cropped on Nuendo V10.2. It would be fine to be able playback 4K video format without down-converting to HD. Many of us receive many version of the same movie, to convert each 4K video needs a lot of time.

Fully agree
2K limitation is also very annoying for sound design for 360 Videos.
For sound design purposes I work with an equirectangular version of the 360 video, which I import into my Nuendo project.
The resoltion of these 360 Videos is usuall ybigger than 2K. So I have to convert the video to 2 K. It is very unconvinient.

I’m with you guys!
I’m fed up of converting videos to work :slight_smile:

same here, 4K cropped - its very tough, i think it has to do with HiDPI issues like the plugins are also cropped (Native, Waves, etc) - are you on Windows?
Are you using 4K on all monitors / how many monitors? HiDPI on or off?

here is mine:

similar to plugins:


Just chiming in here to add my voice to the choir. I would LOVE 4k support on Windows. More and more projects are coming through at 4k and it’s quite tedious to have to convert them all down to 1080p… It’s the middle of 2021 and 4K has been around for quite a while at this point.

I’m with you guys, 4K should be supported long time ago, and yet, Cubase and Nuendo can only playback FHD (1080p) at most.
I created a tool (initially for my own studio) that we’ll be able to automatically resize any incoming video into 1080p in seconds without using a huge video editing program for such a small task.
It is called ER Media ToolKit and it’s available for everyone for the past three years, but it’s not free as the maintenance costs a lot and with the license cost we can keep it alive for many years to come.
It does have a 21 days free trial so you can check it out for a long time to see how it can help you in those daily tasks and much more.
If you’re interested, do a quick google search, and you’ll find it in seconds.

I hope this helps until Steinberg add up-to-date video resolutions, but even then this tool kit will be relevant for the extra features it has that are unique and super-fast.

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I second ER Media Toolkit

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