4K video playback are cropped.

4K Video are still cropped on Nuendo V10.2. It would be fine to be able playback 4K video format without down-converting to HD. Many of us receive many version of the same movie, to convert each 4K video needs a lot of time.

Fully agree
2K limitation is also very annoying for sound design for 360 Videos.
For sound design purposes I work with an equirectangular version of the 360 video, which I import into my Nuendo project.
The resoltion of these 360 Videos is usuall ybigger than 2K. So I have to convert the video to 2 K. It is very unconvinient.

I’m with you guys!
I’m fed up of converting videos to work :slight_smile:

same here, 4K cropped - its very tough, i think it has to do with HiDPI issues like the plugins are also cropped (Native, Waves, etc) - are you on Windows?
Are you using 4K on all monitors / how many monitors? HiDPI on or off?

here is mine:

similar to plugins: